97% Consensus is false propaganda – Scientists for 100 years, can’t decide between warming or new ice age?

They say there is a 97% consensus on climate change. What is the consensus, exactly?

Answer by James Matkin, former Director at Bank of Canada (1992-1995)
Updated Jan 24

Bunk. There is no such consensus. In fact there was a serious divide between the IPCC scientists and the UN on the science of human caused climate change. The UN played the scientists for fools!

The 97% derives from a survey sent to 10,257 people of which the 3,146 respondents were further whittled down to 77 self selected climate “scientists “ of which 75 were judged to agree that human induced warming was taking place.What was the criteria for rejecting 3,069 respondents? There was no mention that 75 out of 3,146 is 0.03%We do not hear that 0.03% of climate scientists agreed that humans have played a significant role in changing climate despite the billions spent on climate research. This offhand one time survey by a junior of a bunch of papers covering many different topics is silly research. Especially when more than 2000 paid scientists from around the world engaged by the UN to research the precise issue of what if any human effect is there on the climate. Yes the 97% meme is a distraction as the real story is the science work of the IPCC summarized in 1995.

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