Davos Elite’s Vision Of Your Future

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Davos Watch. This episode dives into a report by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, scrutinizing the actions and agendas of global elites from Davos to the UN. The report outlines ambitious targets for 2030 in areas such as meat consumption, clothing purchases, and personal transportation.

Sen. John Kennedy Grilling Energy Secretary on Carbon Neutrality in Hearing

Senator John Kennedy says “…I am all for carbon neutrality….” Thus on the one hand David Turk of the DOE says to him “We need to spend $50 trillion to achieve carbon neutrality in the US.” The Senator traps him into acknowledging that he has zero idea if or how this will affect the Earth’s “global temperature” (a pseudoscience term) in terms of degrees Centigrade. However, at timeline mark 01:08 the Senator says “Now I am all for carbon neutrality.” How can a responsible senator be all for something costing trillions of dollars if he does not know the benefits …

Ian Plimer, a Geologist’s View of Climate Change at Heartland Institute Climate Conference, 2023

Ian Plimer, Ph.D., a geologist and emeritus professor at the University of Melbourne, delivers a presentation titled “The Past is the Key to the Present.” He starts by noting that “you will not find any people in my profession who would claim that humans can change a major planetary system.” Then he goes through the fundamentals of the causes of climate change that you can see from the history of the planet. In the end, Dr. Plimer shows that planetary cycles going back to the end of the Pleistocene glaciation nearly 15,000 years ago show that we are due for …

Hello My Dear Greta and Fellow Thinkers

Man and fossil fuel use do not increase atmospheric carbon dioxide content ; natural laws of physics do. What is our relationship to the natural world? Do we view ourselves as separate from it, as masters and manipulators of the environment? Or do we see ourselves as interconnected and interdependent with all that surrounds us? Glossary of Names, Terms, & Scientific Principles Used in Pinatubo Study Video and Related Papers