Global Warming Testimony to Washington State Committee 3 -26-2013

Dr. Don Easterbrook – Prof. Emeritus of Geology, Western Washington State Univ. This was delivered to the Wash. State Senate – Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Comm. on March 26, 2013. He points out many good ‘scientific’ points – that those who scream that all ‘climate change’ is ‘man-made’ and it is very bad.

Planet of the Humans

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans | Full Documentary | Directed by Jeff Gibbs Michael Moore presents Planet of the Humans, a documentary that dares to say what no one else will this Earth Day — that we are losing the battle to stop climate change on planet earth because we are following leaders who have taken us down …

Patrick Moore – The Power of Truth

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore gives a keynote address to the Economic Education Association of Alberta’s 6th annual “Freedom School” conference, on “Things that Matter: An Agenda for Alberta”, about changing the world by speaking the truth – in this case about the science, policy and politics of man-made global warming

Hide the Decline

Presentation by Stephen McIntyre at the 4th International Conference on Climate Change Mann Satire Talk Part 1 Talk Part 2 Talk Part 3