Mango the Movie Throughline and Plot

Penelope was a very high IQ gifted child and is now a licensed massage therapist and she has numerous other vocational certifications including private investigators certification, tax preparer licenses and a private pilot’s license. Her passion is to acquire a mango farm. However, she lives in an area in central Florida that is slightly too cold to grow mangos. Thinking that global warming may fix her inability to grow mangos, she researches 20 years of U.S. Federal FDA “plant hardiness guides” and sees there has been no changes in localized temperatures. Being conditioned to all the media rhetoric about global warming she begins to study and question the science as well as the history of the “global warming movement.” She meets and falls in love with the black sheep of the famous “Rothschild” family, Daniel, who explains to her the nefarious interworkings of “The Club of Rome,” the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, mouvement décroissance, Davos World Economic Forum and the World Bank. And connections are made with the carbon cap trading mafia and the entire skullduggery within the U.S. federal government leading to the EPA’s classification of carbon dioxide as a pollutant. In her search for the truth, Penelope and Daniel met and interview all the leading climate skeptical scientists throughout the world and they attend various “The Club of Rome,” the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, Davos World Economic Forum and the World Bank meetings. Penelope and Daniel hatch a plan to expose the fraud and deceit known as the climate change hoax. However, a leak occurs and the carbon cap trade mafia finds out and orders a “takeout” of Penelope and Daniel. At the same time high level officials in the UN decide that Daniel and Penelope must be taken out as well so they quietly subsidize the French mouvement décroissance to get the job done. Not to be out done, an association of  green and renewable energy manufacturers subcontract a takeout job on Daniel and Penelope as well. Major high tension action scenes take place ending with Penelope and Daniel in the middle of a small commercial aviation field. Penelope is able to hotwire an unlocked airplane and she and Daniel take off for his primary home in Israel. There they manage their secret plan to expose the hoax to the American people and their elected leaders. They bring down the climate change hoax with what becomes a widely famous and sought after children’s book that was delivered by various ingenious and comical means to all elected leaders in America as well as all TV stations, magazines and newspapers.

Mango the Movie ends with a scene of the President of the United States in the oval office signing an executive order declassifying carbon dioxide as a pollutant and removing all federal subsidies for renewable energies and related products.