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Climate change is expected to sink the Cologne Cathedral soon…

Positions of the Association Progress in Freedom on “Climate Change” and “Climate Protection”


Definition of Subject Matter

The claim that an allegedly dangerous “climate change” can and must be stopped serves as a pretext for an ever-increasing amount of politically coercive intervention.

Through nonsensical regulations, industry is strangled and forced to immigrate to foreign countries. The citizen’s freedoms and prosperities are being destroyed bit by bit.

In order to anchor the dogma in the minds of the people, an unprecedented propaganda system has been set up; this now extends to kindergarten. All sciences are forced to maintain and continue this ideology.

Knowledge-based rational thinking is abstained and replaced by a religion-like “green esotericism” [2].

Our position

The Association Progress in Freedom e.V. regards the current “climate research” as pseudoscience.

“Climate” is a statistic of weather data of a geographic region. “Climate protection” is by definition obvious nonsense [5].

The weather is constantly changing. When the sun shines, it gets warm. When clouds start to form, it gets chilly. Clouds, not CO2, regulate the flow of energy from the sun to the earth [1].

Over the years it is has become known that clouds exhibit surprisingly strong effects on a global scale. These facts have been concealed from the population by “climate researchers,” politicians, the media, and the like [1], [6].

For physical reasons it is impossible to increase the temperatures by increasing the atmospheric CO2 content [1], [4]. The alleged “greenhouse effect” is not detectable in the laboratory or in nature and thus is a product of fantasy. Therefore, any “climate protection policy” aimed at “reducing CO2” is completely meaningless from the outset.

Our demands

We demand the restoration of true science without ideological requirements. Textbooks and syllabuses must be cleaned up and teachers trained accordingly.

The state climate propaganda system must be dissolved.

All laws under the pretext of “climate protection” must be repealed.


“Climate” is an abstraction: weather data is collected according to arbitrary rules over decades and then Average temperatures formed.

The weather is constantly changing. It affects humans and can harm them. Basically, the following applies: People die of cold, while warmer temperatures enable prosperity. The abstraction “climate” (i.e., in particular any temperature average values) has no influence on the well-being of humans [5].

We know nothing that suggests a change in the weather could be triggered by a change in atmospheric trace gas content of the air [5].

An analysis of the two physicists, Gerlich and Tscheuschner, has shown that dozens of different and sometimes contradictory explanations are used by the “climatic researchers” to explain how the alleged “greenhouse effect” functions. None of these explications has any basis in physics [3,] [7].

In Germany, for some time now, only such “climate research” has been financed by the state, which supports the official CO2 dogma [2]. Scientific papers that nevertheless emerge and refute the official dogma are silenced by the media.

On behalf of the Federal Government, the WBGU professors’ group is working on the “Great Transformation”. This is a master plan for the abolition of democracy and the destruction of our prosperity. “Climate protection” is the pretext [2].

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