Are Children Brainwashed About Climate Change?

Principia Scientific

Written by J.A. Cook

I am a 22-year old British woman returning to college to study science. I see young people today are duped.

Take for example, Greta Thunberg (pictured below), a 16-year old iconic climate activist lauded for being green for sailing across the Atlantic to New York for the UN climate summit in a multi-millionaire’s zero-emissions yacht.

Of course, sailing the Atlantic at such a young age is a commendable act, but the reason behind this teen’s journey is farcical at best. A child does not possess the insight necessary to have fully-informed opinions on climate change. Children are not taught critical reasoning skills in their schooling.

Like many young people across the UK and Europe, I was spoonfed a host of talking points about the Earth’s climate. This included man-made global warming. Not till I left school did I understand that the national curriculum is written by government to get young people to accept what the government tells us.

During my schooldays everyone just accepted humans emissions are a problem and CO2 is destroying our planet triggering more warming. Our teachers told us we had to reduce our carbon footprint through various means, such as electric cars, recycling and renewable power.

I was sucked into the hoax. I believed for the longest time that everything I had been taught was the “truth” because our teachers, and people in power wouldn’t lie to us. Would they?

While I mention teachers, I do accept many don’t have a choice. Yes, I’m sure some buy the politicians’ self-serving agenda; while others go along to get along and  teach what is on the curriculum rather than risk losing their careers.

In my view, governments are the source of so much misinformation. To me, it is clear the term “settled science” is spawned by politicians to dissuade critical thinking. Governments, per se, act as self-serving entities that virtue signal to win votes and encourage young people to be dependent on the state rather than be self-reliant.

My first insight towards becoming less subservient came when I chanced to read a simple book, Betrayers of Truth: Fraud and Deceit in the Halls of Science by William Broad and Nicholas Wade.

A book for any age for those who want to glean real insight into the corruption of science.

The book analyses fraud and deceit within the scientific community. The authors, Broad and Wade reveal to readers the dark heart of science. Science by its nature is rational, but people aren’t/

We are biased and by our nature, seek only personal and professional gain. The shocking revelations about some of the most famous people in history opened my eyes to the truth, these giants of human achievement include Galileo, Isaac Newton and Robert Millikan. All are proven to have committed some sort of fraud, whether it be in the way they presented their work or how the work came into being. It dawned on me this is nothing new, just the way of the world, and it continues today with climate change.

Childhood mandatory educations makes us wear idealized rose-tinted glasses making children lazy about thinking critically. But developing the skills to reason critically and logical is far more important than memorizing someone else’s facts. We must go the extra mile to uncover the truth for ourselves. The question I now pose to anyone my age when talking about climate is:  how can carbon dioxide gas, which inherently cools things, heat up the planet?

From my own research the inescapable answer is: It can’t.

CO2 used in appliances such as fridges keeps things cold. It is impossible for something that cools to heat up the planet. Fact: The Earth’s climate is cyclical. It experiences periods of cooling and warming. Think of the planet just like the human body, we don’t command our bodies to warm up when we are cold or cool down when we are hot, it does it naturally and the Earth is exactly the same.

If you look back through history our planet experienced Ice Ages; Earth warms up until it reaches a peak, then it naturally cools back down until we enter another Ice Age. The cycle repeats (see graph below).

My quest to find the truth led me to the conclusion that Global Warming only became a well-known term during the reign of the’ Iron Lady,’ Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Older books, like encyclopaedias and science books I found in the library never mention the ‘greenhouse gas effect’ – it was though it didn’t exist until politicians decided it was the devil’s work sometime in the 1980’s,

As someone who grew up in an old coal mining district in south Wales, I learned older relatives saw global warming as a concocted excuse to shut down the British coal industry due to the militancy of miners.

My parents told me of the ‘three-day week’ when power cuts caused by striking miners meant electricity was generated on a part-time basis. In a way, I came to understand that ‘going green’ was going to put us back to the dark old days of the three day week, if we were expected to live a future dependent on the intermittent power supply of wind and solar.

I feel like my heritage was taken away from me when the coal industry, a former crucial economic force in Wales, was killed off the ‘save the planet.’ Nowadays entire communities in Wales are still not recovered from the devastation of enforced mass employment due to political ideology.

There is said to be enough coal deep in the Welsh valleys to serve the energy needs for the whole of Britain, for at least 300 years. To take away our natural occurring resources like coal, destroy the soul of so many Welsh communities to make us dependent on unreliable solar energy, wind turbines etc. is foolhardy. I view the whole exercise of inducing hysteria and panic in young people on a global scale is simply to get us to surrender to ‘decarbonization’ making us all poorer and a means to promote population control. Well, they may be fooling Greta Thunberg but they haven’t fooled me.

As long as there are independent scientific organisations like Principia Scientific International then the brainwashing has an intellectual antidote. I know there are far more people like me in my generation who are waking up. We take pity on silly little girls like Greta. I believe scepticism will keep growing and my generation won’t be fooled by privileged ‘useful idiots’ from rich families who think ordinary people like me are expendable in their elitist world view.

I end with one of my favourite quotes and hope it offers more food for thought:

 “In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.” – Czesław Miłosz