Outside the Black Box: Back to Basics

Dr. Ad Huijser, physicist and former CTO of Philips and director of the Philips Laboratories, describes himself as “amateur climatologist”. However his approach to climate physics is quite professional.
Such as testified among else by his previous articles on his website:

In my view his present study is killing the dominant role, attributed by many to atmospheric CO2.
Although I doubt the usefulness of any one-actor approach to temperature and other climate indicators, because of the complexity of the system, this article does remove CO2 from its number 1 dominant place in the long list of climate determinants. While that is a condition sine qua non for the AGW-hypothesis alarming out-cries. For this I refer to my CLIMATE RESEARCH ON SYSTEM & ACTORS. But now first Ad Huijser’s discoveries based on measurements, not on models.

All this fits in CLINTEL’s:
There is no climate emergency!

The article requires knowledge of some advanced physics.
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