Bringing numerical reality into climate discussions

The increase in net human CO2 emissions from 2019 to 2020 cannot exceed 0.000258% of net global atmospheric CO2 concentration. Net human CO2 emissions equals total human CO2 emission minus absorption of those human CO2 emissions. 0.000258% is the net annual increase in CO2 concentration for 2019 to 2020 due to all CO2 sources and CO2 sinks, natural and human, according to the report of the NOAA-Scripps laboratory on Mauna Loa on Hawaii Island (MLO.)

The data from MLO is commonly accepted as a “gold standard” to which other studies are compared. This paper challenges that concept for its CO2 data and implications MLO puts forth regarding those data. But the challenge is not a fault in the diligence of the laboratories’ work in analytical chemistry and scientific measurement, although there is one systemic problem in some of these data. But the important and far larger problem concerns what the data represents and the information that is implied and omitted, not with its accuracy, precision and other standard lab quality issues.


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