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Mango the Movie

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Mango Book Project Syllabus


  • We will teach the public that there is no statistically relevant carbon dioxide greenhouse warming of our planet.
  • We explain in simple terms the two scientific views. 1. that dipolar molecular gases (commonly referred to as “greenhouse gases”) in the atmosphere such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and the like do not contribute IR radiative heating to the atmosphere and hence the Earth. 2. Many scientists believe that the IR radiative greenhouse gas theory is correct, however even if true, the degree of warming on the Earth caused by carbon dioxide is so small as to be immeasurable and hence statistically irrelevant.
  • We have developed an extremely detailed climate change tutorial which allows the user to determine what natural variations such as solar, volcanic, and El Nino events have on the Earth’s climate which are considerably large than any anthropogenic changes, if any.
  • We explain that the radiative greenhouse gas theory is simply a theory which cannot be demonstrated in the laboratory or proven to exist in the atmosphere by experimental means, and that all warming predictions by the IPCC and others are predicted based on computer models and that since 1990 none of the IPCC predictions have come true.
  • We present the origin of the climate deception from Margaret Mead’s 1975 “The Atmosphere: Endangered and Endangering” conference, through the early Club of Rome meetings on to the UN IPCC and finally the formation of the UN Agenda 21 & 30. The climate deception was and is a means to push all counties to adopt a single worldwide socialists style government under the control of the UN with an attendant population reduction of more than a factor of ten based on the restriction of cheap abundant energy. This means taking way people’s freedoms and liberties justified to serve the “common good.”
  • We explain that the global warming community’s claim that 97% of scientists agree that mankind is causing climate change as an absurdly false statement.
  • We will obtain the reaffirmation of over 31,000 scientists who signed a petition opposing the AGW/climate change narrative and related climate mitigation.
  • We show how various government agencies such as NASA, NOAA, UK MET, and the Japanese Metrological Agency have altered and falsified temperature records to fit the global warming narrative.
  • We show how well known “climate scientists” have falsified both historic paleontology and computer generated predictive modeling data to fit the global warming narrative, including the infamous Michael Mann “hockey stick curve.”
  • We explain how the carbon cap trading system was fraudulently enabled to the financial benefit of its organizers and institutions often times within the government.
  • We explain how politicians are lured into the taxation of carbon dioxide to provide additional revenue to countries.
  • We explain how the IPCC and other groups warn investors about continued investments in the oil and gas industries at the detriment to our nation’s economic wellbeing and security.
  • We explain the genesis of the Green New Deal and renewable energy movement, and how taxpayers support green and renewable energy projects because those products simply cannot work on a large scale as a matter of physics.
  • We show that energy sources such as solar, wind, tidal, geothermal, and the like, can only produce a tiny fraction of the total power the world needs, hence the reason for the population reduction.’
  • We explain the “greening benefits” of increased carbon dioxide in our atmosphere in terms of reforestation, acceleration of food crop production, increased biodiversity of rainforests, transformation of deserts into usable plains for grazing and agriculture and the overall acceleration of the greening of the planet.
  • We explain the years of propaganda by the media which conditions people to believe climate change has occurred when it has not; temperature records, severe storm events, tornadoes, hurricanes, draughts, floods, polar ice melts, Greenland glacier melts, abnormal sea level rise, and the endangerment or extinction of certain animals due to climate change are addressed and the facts are explained.
  • We explain how our current and potential future elected leaders are conducting an assault on capitalism and the crossover energy points embedded in proposed green energy legislation.
  • We explain that there are thousands…perhaps over ten thousand… scientists, university professors, researchers, consultants, statisticians, and “deep state” bureaucrats in countries all over the world whose livelihoods are dependent on maintaining the charade of the climate hoax.
  • We explain the reasons and psychology behind the mainstream media’s continual propagation of the climate change deception through subliminal means on a daily basis.

There will be two books. The first book is a simple children’s book. This will be an exquisitely illustrated child’s book similar in style and format to books written by Lynnette Estes Friess. It presents things in a simplified way. It starts out with the concepts of freedom, liberty, and the U.S. constitution, and builds to capitalism in a way a child can understand. Then it explains bad people trying to take people’s freedoms and liberties away by restricting energy. The children’s book is written such that a 6th or 7th grade student can read it and understand it, although it is really meant for adults such as Congress members, Senators, presidents and vice presidents. A copy will be sent as part of our marketing program to all these elected leaders as well as all television cable and network news broadcast companies, magazines, and every newspaper in the United states. This will generate an enormous amount of “free advertising.”

The second book is a very detailed text book on the science, politics, fraudulent business and criminal activity associated with the climate change and green energy deception and fraud.

Each concept presented in its simplified manner in the children’s book has detailed background information in the online text book. The order of the concepts and subject matter of both the children’s book and the detailed text book is the same so the detailed text book tracks the children’s book.

Every time a concept or fact is explained in the children’s book, that fact or concept ends with a circled reference number. There will be an index at the begging of the online text book of all such reference numbers. A person can “click” on the reference number and then be guided to the details in the text book automatically.

Example: Once upon a time there was a greedy man named Al Gore. Al came up with a scheme to scare people into believing CO2 put into the atmosphere by cars, trucks and utility companies is bad and will hurt the Earth. Al made hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars from that.

A person then goes to the online text book index page a clicks on . This takes them to a chapter on how Al Gore developed the fraudulent climate scheme and carbon cap trading network. The entire history is explained along with all the partners as well as the specific illegal activities done by Al and his partners including many inside the American government. This lead to the EPA to include carbon dioxide in its endangerment findings and almost resulted that all homes in America be equipped with systems telling the government how much CO2 is generated by the home, and its owners use of energy.


The children’s book’s lead author will be commissioned by the project and will be a well-known and talented writer of children’s books. The lead author will be responsible for the “development” of the story in a childlike context. Given the sensitivity and “politics” of the subject matter the lead author may chose to remain anonymous. The factual story of the science and politics will be written by Tom Tamarkin and contributed to by many project associates and consultants.

As explained in the Mango the Movie Executive Summary the “skeptical” scientists are not in agreement among themselves as to the causes of temperature variations over the past one hundred years. Therefore at the commencement of this project we will convene a panel of scientific experts for a two day meeting to develop a consensus of the impact of carbon dioxide on the Earth’s climate if any as well as the various natural variations which have led to a +/- ≈1 degree C in the average annual worldwide temperatures recorded over the past 40 years.

All of the participating scientists and media experts will review the final draft copy of the book and will be listed as contributing authors so the book will have traceable scientific credentials. A list of first choice expert team attendees is presented in the Mango the Movie Executive Summary.


It is critical that this project begin as soon as possible for two reasons. Most importantly the expert team consists of two invitees who advise President Trump on matters concerning climate change and one of them, Dr. William Happer, has been selected by the President to head the Presidential Commission on Climate Security (PCCS.) The expert team member panel also consists of one or more scientists representing the “German School” of skeptical scientists whose beliefs are that the entire radiative greenhouse gas theory is false and can be proven false. It is of paramount importance that President Trump’s PCCS be empowered to undertake studies of this position as none of the leading American skeptical scientists share this most likely correct view. If the AGW/climate change narrative can be proven false through the falsification of the greenhouse gas theory this is enormously important because this is the quickest and surest way to put an end to the deception.

In the alternative we can work with the theory that the IR radiative greenhouse gas effect is real and correct because, if true, the degree of warming on the Earth caused by carbon dioxide is so small as to be immeasurable and statistically irrelevant.

Secondly, elections are being held in America in November of 2020. It is critical that the book set be released 3 or more months prior to the election because so many potential leader candidates currently support climate change mitigation and the “Green New Deal.” The American public must make these decisions not politicians who are paid by climate change and green energy lobbyists.

Anticipated and Desired Results

The children’s book which is being sent to all elected leaders in the U.S. presents both the science and the real story which is misrepresentation, deception, and fraud with respect to both the climate change issue as well as the green energy issue. The book will be so short and easy to read that most leaders will read it for themselves and task their staff to review the backup authoritative text.

More importantly the nation’s news media consisting of all television news networks, news magazines, and newspapers will receive the book and as such will have a duty to investigate the details and report to the public. Tremendous media attention will be garnered. This becomes a tremendous and very cost effective advertising media campaign for the children’s books which will become an instant bestseller.

The “little book” that takes down the greatest deception every created by man will become famous and early limited editions will appreciate in value over time.

Furthermore this strategy overcomes the issue of lack of political correctness for phase II of the project which is the making and distribution of the Mango the Movie production.

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