Climate Fact Books

Two books will be written

1. A Children’s Guide to Climate. This will be an exquisitely illustrated child’s book similar in style and format to books written by Lynnette Estes Friess. The theme of the book is freedom and liberty and will walk people through the story of how the “global elites” and greedy businessmen created the AGW/climate deception. The goal of the deception is to establish the need to form a one world socialist’s government with an accompanying population reduction of tenfold. The restriction of cheap abundant energy is the means. At the same time greedy business people developed the carbon credit tax scheme and legitimized it with the EPAs definition of CO2 as a pollutant and a Supreme Court ruling the EPA’s has the ability to enforce that rule.

The book provides a very simple scientifically accurate proof that carbon dioxide (CO2) resulting from man’s use of fossil fuels does not contribute to “global warming” or climate change. In the style of Frederick Windsor’s famous “The Space Childs Mother Goose” and its story “The Theory That Jack Built,” the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming will be deconstructed and debunked. The Theory That Jack

Although the book will be written in the style of a children’s book its initial principal audience will be adults. It is written to be a very quick read using simple language and a minimum amount of scientific terms and phrases.

Copies of the book will be distributed to all members of the U.S. House of Representatives, Senate, and various executive department members including the President and Vice President, as well as appropriate staff in the EPA, DOE, NOAA, NASA, and other agencies involved with the AGW matter. Additionally the books will be distributed to all senior executives and news editors of television and print news organizations, CEOs of all utility companies, and select energy related businesses in the United States.

The children’s book will present concepts in language an eighth grader can understand but will have annotated references of each point and concept to a second far more comprehensive book which provides voluminous proofs and details. The second book will be available online for quick reference.

2. The second book will be an extremely authoritative text, documenting the origins of the global warming deception, the deceptive formation of carbon cap and trade, the use of the climate change deception in pursuit of a socialistic one world government, and the complete trail of the fraudulent science used to support it. Moreover it will provide the most comprehensive discussion of the science which invalidates the atmospheric greenhouse effect. This will be the most authoritative “climate change” book yet written and will be used as the basis of fact for the Mango movie which will be subjected to major ad hominem attack by the climate change alarmists community, green industries, the media, and the democrat political party. Additionally this book aims to become the handbook for much future legal litigation and discovery investigations surrounding the enormous deceit and fraud within the EPA and other government entities under the previous administration.