COP25: UN Climate Talks Collapse

COP25: UN Climate Talks Collapse

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COP 25 was an utter failure for the United Nations.

Despite extending the conference into double-overtime, making it the longest COP ever, the UN was forced to adjourn without advancing the “rule book” for the Paris Climate Accord or agreeing on a framework for an international carbon market.

UN Secretary-General (and former President of the Socialist International) António Guterres was “disappointed” and stated that “the international community lost an important opportunity to show increased ambition on mitigation, adaptation & finance to tackle the climate crisis.”

The UN did at least agree on a “gender action plan.” So there’s that.

They agreed to “strengthen the integration of gender considerations within the work of the UNFCCC constituted bodies, the secretariat of the United Nations and stakeholders towards the consistent implementation of gender-related mandates and activities.”

You can read the entire UN gender agreement at if you’re interested in more of the same.

To sum up: The UN agreed to mention gender more often, spend more to transport women to future COPs, set aside places for women in meetings, and consider wasteful useless programs.

World ending, women hardest hit, token spending and programming — WE’RE SAVED!

The big COP breakdown was over something called “Article 6” which deals with international carbon markets. Australia refused to give up past carbon credits and was joined by Brazil which shut the whole thing down. Good on ya, mates! Obrigado!

They also failed to increase national commitments to emissions reductions and sidestepped the issues of whether prosperous nations should reimburse poor countries for their “loss and damage” from bad weather.

This despite warming pressure groups co-opting Greta Thunberg and “the children” to chant about loss and damage in the halls.


The big Paris issues are now held over for work by the UN subsidiary bodies in 2020 and another try at COP 26 in Scotland next year.

Protesters expressed displeasure by staging a mock hanging in front of the COP and dumping a truckload of manure. That’ll show ’em!

COP 26 will take place immediately after next November’s U.S. elections, and President Trump’s official withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord takes effect. Whatever the outcome, American politics should dominate COP 26 next year.

The UN finds the whole business a lot less fun without the world’s most successful economy around to leach off and is hoping a new president will bring America’s money back.

The United States is the only country to meaningfully reduce its CO2 emissions, which resulted not from intermittent wind and solar, but from natural gas from the shale energy revolution.

Countries such as China and India remain firm in exempting themselves from serious emissions reductions under the Paris Accord.

They continue to assert their rights to expand their economies, burn more coal, increase their emissions, and produce the goods that become too expensive to produce in Japan and the West.

China emits more CO2 than the U.S. and E.U. combined! Taking the world’s number one and number three emitters out of the mix effectively render anything the UN does under the Paris Accord meaningless in terms of altering world temperature (if climate models suddenly become accurate which they never have been).

That’s why President Trump described the Paris Climate Accord as a “terrible, one-sided” deal for America.

He was right.

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