Dr. George V. Chilingar named ClimateCite Chief Scientist

For Immediate Release

Contact: ClimateCite Corp
Phone: +1-916-482-2000
Email: tt@climatecite.com

Photograph, left to right, Dr. Leonid Khilyuk, Dr. Mark Chilingar, Dr, George Chilingar, Pat Boone, Tom Tamarkin, and Ph.D. Candidate, Nasrin Mohammadi


George V. Chilingar has accepted the position of Chief Science Officer in our ClimateCite nonprofit company dedicated to educating policy makers, elected leaders, the media, and the public on the real science concerning climate change and the massive deception and fraud known as AGW or anthropogenic global warming/climate change. Dr. Chilingar, as Professor Emeritus of Petroleum and Environmental Engineering, University of Southern California (USC), taught at USC for 60 years. He has written 72 books; 5 on climate. He has authored or co-authored over 500 scientific papers; 20 on climate. He has been issued 20 patents worldwide. His latest book, “Evolution of Earth’s Climate,” is dedicated to President Donald J. Trump and other wise political leaders in America. Pat Boone met personally with Donald Trump, Jr., and gave him a signed copy of the book to be hand delivered to President Trump.

About ClimateCite Corp.: ClimateCite Corp, is a nonprofit organized exclusively for the scientific based and educational purpose of developing, preparing, promoting, and providing materials and related ancillary applications with an emphasis on climate matters, energy resources, and conservation of energy compliant with section 501 (c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. For more information contact Tom Tamarkin at tt@climatecite.com or 916-482-2000 (landline) or 916-482-2020 (mobile.)

About EnergyCite, Inc.: EnergyCite has developed and tested its patented residential utility based home energy management system. EnergyCite’s founder has been granted 7 patents on the “smart meter” and related fields in the United States, Israel, the EU, and mainland China (PRC.)

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