High school math defeats global warmists

Principia Scientific

Written by Bud Bromley

No one needs to be a climate scientist or even to have a college degree to download the CO2 data from the Mauna Loa lab and analyze it and form an obvious conclusion.

They can then see for themself that CO2 from human fossil fuel emissions is not detectable as a trend, an anomaly, or significant deviation in the trend of net atmospheric CO2 concentration observed at Mauna Loa. High school math is all that is needed.

Since no statistically significant anthropogenic CO2 trend is detected in the net global CO2 concentration trend, we do not have data that might inform whether the anthropogenic fraction is so small that it is insignificant, or alternatively whether the  carbon sinks, sources and balance are adjusting to the injection of gigatons CO2 emissions of fossil fuels, or some combination of these two alternatives.

But, it is obvious that human CO2 and CO2 from fossil fuels are not affecting climate.