More Bad News For The Global Warming Fraudsters

Climate Change Dispatch Dr. Joel Glass | July 15, 2019

We are already in the first stages of a deep solar minimum series: Solar Cycle 25.

Even NASA, at the forefront of carbon dioxide (CO2) hysteria, has solar forecasts showing us going over the cliff and into the cold.

The Democrat media complex and the global warming industry is doing everything possible to hide that inconvenient truth from the public, that global cooling is in process.

They are perhaps too busy demonizing this hapless little CO2 molecule. Blamed for everything bad, yet doing nothing but good.

The relation of CO2 to weather and climate is zero, but since the global warming movement believes it does, why not humor them a bit and focus for a moment on what might happen to CO2 levels during the coming solar minimums.

CO2 Produced From Human Activity

Compared to all of the CO2 in the atmosphere, the amount caused by human behavior is tiny…about 3% of total CO2 levels (which makes up only 0.04% of the atmosphere).

It means that even if all human activity on the planet stopped, there would not be any significant decrease in Earth’s CO2 levels. This alone totally debunks the human-caused global warming theory.

But again, let’s humor them and take the alarmist’s viewpoint, that reducing human activity’s “carbon footprint” is a good idea.

In that case, there is great news for climate hysterics: during a solar minimum, as seen during the Little Ice Age (1300 – 1800) human activity involving CO2 would in some ways grind to a halt, or at least be substantially reduced.

Disruptions in water systems (both man-made and resulting from rainfall), transportation, food production and electricity production, and delivery would accomplish all the goals of the global warming movement, and reduce the carbon footprint of humans effectively. Much better than the Green New Deal could ever hope to accomplish.

Cosmic ray increases from the solar minimum will increase storm formation, heavy rains, lower cloud formations, floods, and colder temperatures.

These make matters worse for those living through the deep solar minimums, such as the Maunder Minimum of 1645 – 1715. This will make things very unpleasant in the near future.

For a fascinating history of how society collapses during severe, prolonged solar minimum periods, check out my book ICE AGE 2025.

Hence, in one way, the future looks bright for those hoping for a reduction in human activities that produce CO2.

Sadly, that joy will be short-lived. Not only because very cold periods during Grand or Super-Grand Solar Minimums are very unpleasant, but they will make an unpleasant discovery.

As has happened often in Earth’s history during active glaciations (one or more continents is covered almost entirely in snow and ice), there will be high levels of CO2.

Yes, during brutal Ice Ages comes exceptionally cold weather, as well as very high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.

For example, around 400 and 500 million years ago, during the Ordovician Period, the Earth was freezing… glaciers were forming everywhere and the CO2 levels were over 3,000 ppm, which is eight times higher than today at roughly 415-420 ppm (0.04%).

It’s the double whammy to hammer the global warming fraud. First, cold temperatures will accomplish their goal of reducing human “carbon footprints.”

Second, when the Earth is absolutely freezing, CO2 levels will be eight times higher than today. Meaning their theory, which dictates that more CO2 means a warmer world, is, to be charitable, fraudulent science for some and wishful thinking for others.

Third, is that the current drum the climate change movement keeps beating about more extreme weather events will indeed happen but not for the reasons they suggest.

During the next few cycles of solar minimums, extreme weather events will ramp up and wreak havoc largely from the increase in galactic cosmic radiation. This has no correlation to CO2.

This little hapless molecule is blamed for everything but does nothing but good.

Dr. Joel Glass works in the design of water delivery infrastructure for conditions of extreme cold. His new book, ICE AGE 2025, explains how to prepare the country and our families for the coming ice age.