New Mexico: Green New Deal Passed Secretly

magamedia May 28, 2019

With no voter input, no public discussion, and no studies done as to how it would affect the local economy, and the local taxpayers’ pocketbooks, New Mexico passes their own version of the New Green Deal.

Their latest attempt was in New Mexico, and unfortunately, it succeeded. Newly-elected Democrat Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the “Energy Transition Act” in March. This law requires that New Mexico move to 100 percent carbon-free energy – the same long-term goal as the “Green New Deal.”

This destructive law is essentially a hidden carbon tax and will threaten the jobs of thousands of energy workers, raise utility rates, cut state revenue, and make green energy companies rich at the taxpayers’ expense.

Green groups have effectively rebranded “carbon tax” as “renewable energy mandates” and to get the same results: the end of fossil fuels.  Force the elimination of low-cost energy sources and mandate high-cost renewables.  Send the bill to customers.  Say it’s “for the earth” and voilà, green energy companies get rich.

But no matter what you call it, it’s a tax, plain and simple.  Economists agree. The University of Chicago, for example, recently released a report detailing how renewable mandates increase energy prices by 17 percent. The Heritage Foundation believes it might be even worse and could double electric bills on families.


Make no mistake, 100% Carbon-free energy is expensive, and that expense will be passed on to the consumer. It is a tax plain and simple, and some people will become very wealthy at the cost of thousands of others.

Last week, an investigation by the Associated Press, with assistance from my organization, Power The Future, looked at internal New Mexico government emails around the drafting of their “Energy Transition Act.”

Some people will get very rich if the “Green New Deal” were to become law.  We should all be curious who those people are. And which politicians they financially back.

What we found was disturbing. The emails revealed how the state’s energy secretary, Sarah Cottrell Propst, encouraged multiple eco-groups review the bill’s language as it was being written. In one instance, she allowed the group who employed her just months before, a renewable energy trade group called Interwest, to influence the bill.

Interwest makes money from renewable energy companies, the very companies now guaranteed to control the state’s energy industry by the bill they themselves wrote.

The men and women whose jobs are now at risk were not invited to the table. Nor were the citizens whose utility rates will inevitably skyrocket.  Nor were the myriad schools, hospitals, and other civic groups whose funding comes from oil and gas tax revenue.

If politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get their way, it will be government bureaucrats and environmental activists – not the market, not the people – deciding energy policy.