Rescue from the Climate Saviors

Is the “Global Climate” really in Danger?

By Klaus Ermecke, June 2010

Summary of our most important results:

  • ƒThe Earth has a natural “cooling system”. It continuously radiates energy into space.
  • ƒAny increase in temperatures automatically boosts this radiation. The cooling power jumps up.
  • ƒ“Global warming” (i.e. a general increase of temperatures) requi-res this incremental cooling to be compensated by an increase in heating power.
  • ƒAccordingly, in order to achieve “global warming”, CO2 had to in-crease the flow of energy from outside the system to the Earth’s surface. But this is beyond even the claimed capabilities of this gas. Therefore CO2 cannot cause any warming.
  • ƒIR gases (“greenhouse gases”) cool the Earth. The “natural greenhouse effect” (i.e. the warming) is a myth.
  • ƒClimate variability did and does exist. However, the CO2 level in the atmosphere is not the cause. Aside from the sun itself, changing cloud coverage is the main factor.

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