Sen. John Kennedy Grilling Energy Secretary on Carbon Neutrality in Hearing

Senator John Kennedy says “…I am all for carbon neutrality….” Thus on the one hand David Turk of the DOE says to him “We need to spend $50 trillion to achieve carbon neutrality in the US.” The Senator traps him into acknowledging that he has zero idea if or how this will affect the Earth’s “global temperature” (a pseudoscience term) in terms of degrees Centigrade. However, at timeline mark 01:08 the Senator says “Now I am all for carbon neutrality.” How can a responsible senator be all for something costing trillions of dollars if he does not know the benefits to the people? This says he has zero knowledge of the science surrounding the alleged AGW/climate issue and no knowledge of real-world ability or lack thereof to replace the nation’s hydrocarbon electrical generation stations with mythical renewables. Clearly, the leaders in the federal government need to be held accountable for these decisions. Only then will they study the background in detail.