There is no Radiative Greenhouse Effect – Main Presentation

Joseph Postma
Streamed live on Jan 10, 2017

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In this live webcast I will be giving a slideshow presentation which demonstrates that the radiative greenhouse effect, upon which climate alarm and even the field of climate science itself is based, does not exist. On both scientific requirements of having theoretical & empirical support, the radiative greenhouse effect is proven to have neither: it is based in false physics and paradox, violates the laws of thermodynamics, and doesn’t produce the empirical observables it predicts and claims responsibility for. It isn’t just that climate alarm isn’t as bad as the alarmists say it is, it is that the very foundation of the science – the radiative greenhouse effect – is in error, does not exist, and hence the alarmism and the policy surrounding it is completely, 100% in error. Not merely slightly wrong, not mostly wrong, but completely 100% wrong. If you start with false premises, everything you subsequently extrapolate from those premises will likewise carry along the original error and thus exhibit error within themselves.

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Errata: At 48:28 and a couple of times threafter I use the term “CO2 asphyxiation”, when what I meant was “CO2 starvation”.