UN Secretary General Says Global Warming Has Claimed 7 Million Lives …Where?

UN Secretary General Says Global Warming Has Claimed 7 Million Lives …Where?

Principia Scientific by Jim Hoft | December 1, 2019

Here we go… More lies from the globalist elites. It never stops.And then when they toss out these absurd numbers they wonder why nobody with a brain trusts them!

UN General Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the former Socialist president of Portugal, kicked off the international Climate Summit that begins on Monday and lasts until December 13th.

In his speech Guterres hurled out several threats to his audience including the line that “the point of no return is not on the horizon but rather it is being thrown at us.”

And then the US Secretary General through this out: “Pollution associated with climate change has already claimed seven million lives.”

What a disgusting lie!
He has NOTHING to back up that number.

ABC.es reported: (translated)

Guterres listed the natural disasters that are already occurring. He recalled that “these last five years have been the hottest in history, the sea level is reaching record levels, the oceans are acidifying, polar caps are melting, land and marine diversity is threatened, natural disasters are increasingly frequent and destructive, drought is increasing at an alarming rate and pollution associated with climate change has claimed seven million lives … cymatic change is a serious threat to humanity. ” The human species has been at war with nature and now counterattacks, ” he said.

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