2020 Hall of Fame Award

Tom Tamarkin was presented the International Scientific, Professional, & Executive Hall of Fame award and membership certificate for 2020 on May 22, 2021 by Dr. George V. Chilingar, professor emeritus, University Southern California for Tamarkin’s work proposing the true atmospheric carbon cycle and working to falsify anthropogenic CO2 driven climate change. This award has been presented yearly for over sixty years and was initiated by Dr. Chilingar, Professor Emeritus at USC. George Chilingar, Ph.D., is the principal author of “The Evolution of the Earth’s Climate” along with famed scientist, the late O. G. Sorokhtin. This book is the definitive book on the history of the Earth’s climate, the climate’s current state, and the critical role carbon dioxide plays in the Earth’s animal and plant life cycles. Read about Dr. Chilingar’s background in Shale Magazine at: https://shalemag.com/renowned-oil-professor-proposes…/

Left to right: Colonel George V. Chilingar, retired USAF and USC Professor Emeritus; Pat Boone, Tom Tamarkin, and Dr. Morat Heyrapetyn

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