BBC and Met Office at war over ‘deep freeze’ winter weather forecasts

BBC and Met Office at war over ‘deep freeze’ winter weather forecasts

Not a lot of people know that By Paul Homewood | Nov. 23, 2021

Get the popcorn out!

A rare clash has emerged between the two ‘big boys’ of UK weather forecasting after they made hugely different long-term predictions for the winter ahead.

Britain’s two biggest forecasters have predicted polar opposites for this winter.

The Government-run Met Office has forecast a mild few months ahead but the BBC, which gets its information from DTN, warned of a deep freeze.

Experts say energy and road transport firms, airlines and supermarkets will all be hit by the uncertainty.

John Hammond, a former weatherman at both the BBC and Met Office, said: “It’s meteorological mayhem with huge disagreement on what happens in the months ahead. They are starkly different forecasts and can’t both be right.

“There are huge implications for customers such as Government, the energy sector, media and a wide range of other industries.

“Back-pedalling will be required by one of the big boys. Who will blink first?”

The Met Office says: “A mild three-month period is more likely than a cold one.

“Consistent with a warming climate, there is a reduction in the chance of cold.”

But the BBC’s forecaster DTN says: “This winter is likely to feature a weak ­polar ­vortex, bringing ­increased cold risks from Arctic air masses later in the season. January and February could feature frigid air, similar to last year.”


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