Top Climate Scientist, Dr. Willie Soon Predicts Global Cooling for next 20-30 years

Alex Newman of the New American interviews Dr. Willie Soon, who says among other things that it was the sun that melted 2-miles thick of NH ice and not anything man did. Camp Constitution is an all volunteer association of Americanists. We run a week-long family camp, man information tables at various venues, have a book publishing arm, and post videos from our camp and others that we think are of importance.

We Live in Cold Times

“We live in the coldest period of the last 10.000 years”, says Danish glaciologist, Jørgen Peder Steffensen who take us back in time to the Grenland icecores and reveals the secrets from the past. Jørgen Peder Steffensen is a professor in ice core related research at the centre for ice and climate at the Niels Bohr Institute the University of Copenhagen.

Watch President Biden’s Earth Day Climate Summit LIVE

Biden’s climate summit comes as an emboldened Left appears to have many in government and industry prepared to appease their most destructive whims. The President plans to tell the summit that the United States will HALVE U.S. CO2 emissions by 2050. That’s only 29 years. To get anywhere near this unrealistic goal will require the President to use the full weight of his office in ways which would wreak devastating economic harm on an America still struggling to recover from COVID-19. President Biden’s naive plans would cause unprecedented damage to America’s energy economy, lifestyles and individual freedoms. Although China emits …