Why I Left Greenpeace

Patrick Moore explains why he helped to create Greenpeace, and why he decided to leave it. What began as a mission to improve the environment for the sake of humanity became a political movement in which humanity became the villain and hard science a non-issue. From Prager U

Prof Murry Salby Lecture; “Atmospheric Carbon” 18th July 2016

Professor Murry Salby, author of many peer-reviewed papers, and the seminal book on climate “Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate”, is one of the planet’s best climate scientists, here he gives a scientific / technical talk on carbon in the atmosphere delivered at University College London on the 18th July, 2016. Salby outlines man’s true contribution to the observed increase …

Chapter 2, The Ultimate, Animated Guide to the Climate Debate

Chapter 2: ‘Climate Science, A Time of Transition’ The Ultimate, Animated Guide to the Climate Debate (AKA Dante’s Climate Inferno) The world certainly was a difference place after World War 2. But just how important was this time in transforming the face of climate science? Why did these changes go hand-in-hand in allowing attempts to address humanitarian concerns worldwide? And …

William Happer Keynote Address and Award

William Happer, Ph.D., accepts the 2015 Frederick Seitz Memorial Award from S. Fred Singer of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) and gives the Dinner Keynote at The Heartland Institute’s Tenth International Conference on Climate Change on June 11, 2015. To watch all presentations from this conference and others, visit ClimateConferences.Heartland.org

Princeton Physics Professor Discredits Anthropogenic Climate Change Theory

New American 21 December 2016 Physics Professor William Happer discredits the negative effects of CO2 on the planet and whether or not climate change is man-made. He also goes into detail of why the United Nation’s models are incorrect despite their overwhelming confidence that significant warming is taking place due to human activity. Physics Professor William Happer discredits the negative …