Confirmed – all 5 global temperature anomaly measurement systems reject NOAA’s July 2021 “hottest month ever” hype

by Larry Hamlin | Oct. 1, 2021

In a prior article I had already concluded that none of the 5 major global temperature anomaly measurement systems (UAH, RSS, GISS, HadCRUT5 and NOAA) agreed that July 2021 was the “hottest month ever” as falsely hyped by AP climate alarmist writer Seth Borenstein and as erroneously promoted by climate alarmist “scientists” at NOAA.

This result was particularly significant and embarrassing for NOAA since its global temperature anomaly for July 2021 was reduced in value as a part of its August temperature update posting from their prior “hottest month ever” claim which meant that the July 2021 anomaly was tied with the year 2019 anomaly and clearly not the “hottest month ever” that was so overhyped and scientifically misrepresented by NOAA and the climate alarmist media.

Some comments on the WUWT article noted that the HadCRUT5 measurement system had not yet updated its official data record for July 2021. At the time of prior article HadCRUT5 was two months behind the other 4 global monthly temperature anomaly systems which had already reported monthly anomaly data updates for both July and August 2021.

The HadCRUT5 monthly global temperature anomaly data records for years 2020 and 2021 are shown below.

Each of the HadCRUT5 years 2020 and 2021 data start with January then February, March etc. The 2021 bold type values reflect the latest HadCRUT5 data for July and August 2021 just released today (9/30/2021).

2020 1.069, 1.113, 1.094, 1.063, 0.908, 0.825, 0.816, 0.801, 0.867, 0.811, 1.013, 0.693 Average 0.923

2021 0.701, 0.565, 0.726, 0.760, 0.706, 0.712, 0.793, 0.796

UK Met Office HadCRUT5 updated data for the months of July and August 2021 as expected confirm that the HadCRUT5 highest monthly July anomaly occurred in 2019 at 0.857 C confirming and establishing that NOAA’s prior flawed claim that July 2021 was the “hottest month ever” was nothing but climate alarmist propaganda that is unsupported by all 5 monthly global temperature anomaly system measurements including NOAA.

I eagerly await the climate alarmist media’s articles retracting the “hottest month ever” propaganda debacle.

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