EPA U.S. Heat Wave, Heat & Cold Death Rate Data Exposes & Destroys Biden & Democrats “Extreme Heat” Propaganda

EPA U.S. Heat Wave, Heat & Cold Death Rate Data Exposes & Destroys Biden & Democrats “Extreme Heat” Propaganda

By Larry Hamlin | Oct. 12, 2021

Biden and his climate alarmist Democrats have falsely claimed that increasing heat waves in the U.S. caused by climate change require that new government actions will be needed to protect people from heat related illnesses with these heat waves leading to increased heat related deaths and emergency room visits.

The Democrats alarmists claims of increasing heat waves occurring across the U.S. because of climate change are unsupported by Biden’s own EPA data which shows that the U.S. in not experiencing increased occurrences or intensity of heat waves based on EPA’s 125 years of extreme heat event trending data across the U.S. from 1895 through 2020 as shown below.

Note EPA’s comment in the diagram – “These data cover the contiguous 48 states. An index value of 0.2 (for example) could mean that 20 percent of the country experienced one heat wave, 10 percent of the country experienced two heat waves, or some other combination of frequency and area resulted in this value”.

This EPA data showing that extreme heat waves are not increasing across the U.S. is further supported by NOAA’s contiguous U.S. temperature anomaly measurement data (Parameter: Maximum Temperature Anomaly: Time Scale: 1 Month; Month: All months) showing that the maximum U.S. measured temperature anomaly is not increasing and in fact has declined since the highest measured temperature anomaly months of January 2006 and March 2012 as shown below.

EPA U.S. Heat Wave, Heat & Cold Death Rate Data Exposes & Destroys Biden & Democrats “Extreme Heat” Propaganda

Additionally Democrats claims that increasing heat related death rates are occurring across the U.S. because of more heat waves (which has been shown to be false) are unsupported by EPA’s own data which shows that U.S. heat related death rates (underlying and contributing cause of death) are declining. (Note EPA’s comment in the diagram – “The blue line shows deaths for which heat was listed as either the underlying or contributing cause of death during the months from May to September, based on a broader set of data that became available in 1999″.)

Even more embarrassing to Biden and his climate alarmist Democrats is that EPA data shows that cold related deaths (underlying and contributing cause of death) are increasing as shown below. Furthermore, comparing the latest year EPA rates of heat and cold related deaths in the U.S. reveals that cold related deaths are nearly twice (5.5 deaths per million versus 2.9 deaths per million) that of heat related deaths.

Where is Biden’s and the Democrats “extreme cold” campaign to stop the increase in cold related death rates due to global warming?

This EPA and NOAA data exposes and destroys the credibility of Biden, his Democrats and the incompetent and purely politically driven climate alarmist media that falsely and erroneously claim that the U.S. is experiencing increasing occurrences of heat waves and extreme temperatures and increasing rates of heat related deaths due to “climate change”.

This EPA and NOAA data also completely exposes how ridiculous and incompetent the efforts of the L A Times are (with its reporters trying to “adjust” official cause of death findings to manufacture higher heat related death rates) in attempting to manufacture “extreme heat” climate alarmist support for Biden and his Democrats scientifically unsupported (by his own EPA and NOAA data) political propaganda campaign as discussed above

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