Leif Svalgaard Responds to Willie Soon

Leif Svalgaard Responds to Willie Soon

By Leif Svalgaard | Nov. 23, 2021

In a talk featured in our Monday Weekly Climate and News Roundup at the 14th International Conference on Climate Change Willie Soon [at time 26:49] took me, (Svalgaard) to task for arguing that there has not been any trend in solar activity the past 300+ years.

He showed their new reconstruction of solar activity as support for his criticism:

Here is the video cued up.

I also show the reconstruction by me and Ken Schatten [2016, https://svalgaard.leif.org/research/Reconstruction-of-Group-Number-1610-2015.pdf ]. To my eye there is no difference between our reconstruction and theirs [based on Machine Learning], except that we have error bars and they don’t. It is amazing how people’s bias can cause them to draw contrary conclusions from [almost] identical data.

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