Mango Summary

Mango Summary

Mango the Movie

Executive Summary

Tom D. Tamarkin

April 26, 2019

Rev 18

Confidential and sensitive


Our mission is to educate the largest number of citizens possible on the fraudulent science, politics, and business of the deceptive anthropogenic global warming hypothesis and the false viability of green renewable energy sources thereby negating the green energy agenda of America’s elected leaders leading to the removal of carbon dioxide from the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s 2015 Endangerment Ruling.


Climate treaty tariffs, carbon cap payments, climate research, climate abatement procedures, climate litigation, higher energy prices, and unworkable green energy projects collectively are costing taxpayers worldwide over 2 trillion dollars annually. Furthermore a group of world elitists are using climate change as the reason to restrict abundant, inexpensive, energy to force population reduction and the creation of a single worldwide socialistic government. The sole enabling proposition is the scientifically incorrect theory that carbon dioxide produced by man gives rise to statistically relevant climate change. Disprove the proposition that increased carbon dioxide creates climate change and all this financial waste and political turmoil disappears. The plan presented here debunks the connection between carbon dioxide and climate, and exposes the associated corruption and illegal activities. The end game is the declassification of carbon dioxide as a pollutant by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and swift resolution of the inevitable litigation. We intend to make this happen and prevent the socialist’s movement in the U.S. from gaining further traction. The House and Senate will flatly reject unworkable green and renewable projects advertised to provide baseload power and fuels for the transportation industry. Government tax credits and subsides for green and renewable equipment and projects will be removed.


The fraudulent deception known as Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW,) and often referred to as climate change, is costing taxpayers over two trillion dollars annually worldwide. There is no real world evidence of a climate crisis and the investments will result in no measurable change in climate. Moreover it is disrupting the availability of abundant economical energy both in America and abroad. As part of the deception, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was induced to incorrectly define the simple chemical carbon dioxide (CO2) as a pollutant. The United States Supreme Court has upheld the EPA’s power to enforce that in rules and standards. As a result of this classification, a business scheme known as carbon cap & trade is costing tax payers tens of billions of dollars annually. In the U.S. a political movement is gathering force to attempt to enact “The Green New Deal” at the federal level. This must be stopped and the American people must be made aware of the magnitude of the AGW deception, fraud, and international political scheme. In so doing, the American people will see just how out of contact with the real issues and facts most politicians are, and how they grasp at thin air…literally. See:


In order to reach the maximum number of Americans possible, we propose to produce and distribute a hit “blockbuster” movie as well as an auto-biographical sub-plot movie based on the real life of a leading American climate scientist. Two books will also be written for distribution to both to the public and all members of the House, Senate, and, executive department members of the federal government. The movie aims to expose the AGW/climate change deception once and for all. The movie will be based on scientific authority, deep due diligence detective research, common sense logic, and takes the form of d on Dan entertaining love story with detective and thriller components. The movie is intended to be of such high quality and drama that it will be a box-office hit and capture the imagination of tens of millions of Americans leading them to discover the fraud and deception that has been spawned from the AGW misconception.

Scientific Consensus

The global warming community and it proponents claim that there is a 97% consensus of scientists that global warming/climate change is real and caused by man. This is far from true. But there is much less consensus of the real scientific cause and affect relationships by scientists skeptical or dismissive of global warming. The reason is that the Earth’s climate is a very complex system and subject to naturally occurring variations that are both terrestrial and extraterrestrial in origin. Furthermore many highly acclaimed “climate scientists” simply don’t have a high level of understanding of concepts that require advance study in the areas of thermodynamics, optics, and physical chemistry. Thus, when the top five “non-warming” climate scientists are interviewed, the interviewer receives five different answers to seemingly simple questions. The opposition warming community uses this in ad homonym attacks.

Furthermore many of the skeptical scientists have little knowledge of the vast financial and legal damage the warming community is doing through the various manifestation of the global warming climate-industrial complex and in fact the majority of these scientists do not like to hear terms such as AGW hoax, deception and fraud. Even fewer of these scientists understand the origins of the elaborate and ongoing AGW based plan for certain groups to push an agenda of worldwide population reduction forced by the restriction of abundant inexpensive energy and the creation of socialistic single worldwide government intent on destroying capitalism. Most scientists and lay people today would likely dismiss this as conspiracy theory.

We plan to address these issues by holding a two to three day seminar with top climate scientists, some of whom have the ear of the President. Through presentations by climate scientists plus physicists, chemists, mathematicians, geologists, astrophysicists, petrophysicists, nuclear physicists, the media, and psychologists, a greater consensus will be reached concerning all the issues. The fundamental goal is to have a rather precise universal position on climate change and whether or not carbon dioxide has any net dangerous effect on climate. Furthermore, the energy needs of the future will be discussed. Generally speaking we need more energy in the future, not less.


  • We have produced a chart that both scientists and non-scientists can easily understand demonstrating no correlation between atmospheric CO2 levels and temperature change.

The temperature data is that of UAH6 and weighted by a 30 year average. This gives a sharp peak for each year. No mathematical correlation can be computed showing any causal affect between the two separate curves. The CO2 is virtually a straight line regardless of beginning and endpoints. However we can mathematically demonstrate there is no logical correlation. The next step is to define natural variations that occurred on each of the years contributing to temperature swings. For example the 1991eruption of Mt. Pinatubo is followed by three years of temperature decline. Chart details at:

  • We have produced a scientifically comprehensive tutorial which explains climate changes and disproves the idea that the trace amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has a measurable and statistically meaningful effect on the climate. See:
  • We plan to organize an expert team review of the issues with the top real scientists (sometimes called skeptics and even deniers) to share information and perspectives leading to a reasonably broad consensus of how to succinctly present the information to lay people; at least two of these scientists have served President Trump as science advisors. The daft list of team members is presented below. Several have agreed to participate; others will be contacted in the upcoming weeks.
  • The key goal here is to develop a “consensus” of what the most significant drivers of climate change are. Bringing in the top scientists representing various disciplines with emphasis on physics, chemistry, astrophysics, geology, mathematics, and climatology, will alter the views of these top skeptical scientists and provide more focus on the drivers of climate change. By including representatives in psychoanalysis and media, a comprehensive approach will be developed to most accurately and succinctly present the facts to the media and lay people using a children’s book and two movies as the principal vehicles. A critical issue is the function of carbon dioxide and “greenhouse gases” and the scientifically inaccurate term “atmospheric greenhouse effect.”
  • After the conclusion of the expert team member’s presentations and discussion session, the current tutorial will be reviewed and agreed changes will be made based on the team’s assessment.

Immediate Plan

  • Locate initial financial sponsor and private location for the expert team meeting
  • Develop frame work of meeting objectives and structure; produce package for team member solicitation
  • Extend invitations to scientists, writers, movie resources, and staff
  • Organize travel arrangements, lodging and expert team event preparations
  • Hold expert team meeting event
  • Create consensus and focus on the plan and constituent elements
  • Summarize any needed changes, omissions, and additions to tutorial for subsequent incorporation
  • Rigorous post meeting follow-up.

Proposed invitees

  • Patrick Moore, Ph.D. Co-founder Greenpeace and former President Greenpeace Canada. Strong advocate for the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power having reversed his previous “Greenpeace” views.
  • Roy W. Spencer, Ph.D., Second leading character in Mango, and the subject of the autobiography film, “AGW Skeptical Scientist in Chief,” researcher, UAH
  • Willie H. Soon, Ph.D., researcher at the Solar and Stellar Physics Division Harvard-Smithsonian Center 
  • William Happer, Ph.D., Science Advisor to President
  • Richard Lindzen, Ph.D., Science Advisor to President Trump
  • Ian Plimer, Ph.D., Professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, previously professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide, author of “Heaven and Earth,” and “Climate Change Delusion and the Great Electricity Rip-Off.” Dr. Plimer was a personnel contributor to the current tutorial.
  • Judith Curry, Ph.D., “Thermodynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans,” co-editor of “Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences” (2002), as well as over 140 scientific papers. Current Climate Etc., web blog.
  • Larry Elder says  America is in decline, but this decline is not inevitable. It is a choice made by detached and cynical politicians. As a California resident, I’ve seen firsthand how decades of Democrat rule have turned the Golden State, for many, into an unaffordable dystopia. I won’t let them do the same to America. We can enter a new American Golden Age, but we must choose a leader who can bring us there. That’s why I’m running for President – we’ve got a country to save.
  • Bud Bromley, BSc, Retired chemist, international scientific instrument sales and marketing manager.
  • Rabbi Avi Schwartz, writer-director, VP ClimateCite
  • Pat Boone, To portray Dr. Roy W. Spencer in both films, actor, recording artist, and author
  • Lynn Provencio, ClimateCite IT director, webmaster and graphics
  • Tomer (Tom) Tamarkin, President ClimateCite, Inc. and Executive producer of Mango project. Great Climate Debate website

Current Status

  • AGW/Climate Change tutorial, 75 page presentation complete. Pending final science review final interactive online will be available in 8 weeks.
  • Mango premise and story line completed; synopsis and full treatment available 8 weeks after funding.


Two books will be written

1. A Children’s Guide to Climate. This will be an exquisitely illustrated child’s book similar in style and format to books written by Lynnette Estes Friess. The theme of the book is freedom and liberty and will walk people through the story of how the “global elites” and greedy businessmen created the AGW/climate deception. The goal of the deception is to establish the need to form a one world socialist’s government with an accompanying population reduction of tenfold. The restriction of cheap abundant energy is the means. At the same time greedy business people developed the carbon credit tax scheme and legitimized it with the EPAs definition of CO2 as a pollutant and a Supreme Court ruling the EPA’s has the ability to enforce that rule.

The book provides a very simple scientifically accurate proof that carbon dioxide (CO2) resulting from man’s use of fossil fuels does not contribute to “global warming” or climate change. In the style of Frederick Windsor’s famous “The Space Childs Mother Goose” and its story “The Theory That Jack Built,” the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming will be deconstructed and debunked. The Theory That Jack

Although the book will be written in the style of a children’s book its initial principal audience will be adults. It is written to be a very quick read using simple language and a minimum amount of scientific terms and phrases.

Copies of the book will be distributed to all members of the U.S. House of Representatives, Senate, and various executive department members including the President and Vice President, as well as appropriate staff in the EPA, DOE, NOAA, NASA, and other agencies involved with the AGW matter. Additionally the books will be distributed to all senior executives and news editors of television and print news organizations, CEOs of all utility companies, and select energy related businesses in the United States.

The children’s book will present concepts in language an eighth grader can understand but will have annotated references of each point and concept to a second far more comprehensive book which provides voluminous proofs and details. The second book will be available online for quick reference.

2. The second book will be an extremely authoritative text, documenting the origins of the global warming deception, the deceptive formation of carbon cap and trade, the use of the climate change deception in pursuit of a socialistic one world government, and the complete trail of the fraudulent science used to support it. Moreover it will provide the most comprehensive discussion of the science which invalidates the atmospheric greenhouse effect. This will be the most authoritative “climate change” book yet written and will be used as the basis of fact for the Mango movie which will be subjected to major ad hominem attack by the climate change alarmists community, green industries, the media, and the democrat political party. Additionally this book aims to become the handbook for much future legal litigation and discovery investigations surrounding the enormous deceit and fraud within the EPA and other government entities under the previous administration.


Two movies will be produced.

  • Climate deception documentary. To track and follow the climate text online book

To track and follow the climate text online book.

  • Mango, the Movie

The abstract describing the issues and events Mango will teach is presented on the Great Climate Debate website at:

Throughline and plot

Penelope was a very high IQ gifted child and is now a licensed massage therapist and she has numerous other vocational certifications including private investigators certification, tax preparer licenses and a private pilot’s license. Her passion is to acquire a mango farm. However, she lives in an area in central Florida that is slightly too cold to grow mangos. Thinking that global warming may fix her inability to grow mangos, she researches 20 years of U.S. Federal FDA “plant hardiness guides” and sees there has been no changes in localized temperatures. Being conditioned to all the media rhetoric about global warming she begins to study and question the science as well as the history of the “global warming movement.” She meets and falls in love with the black sheep of the famous “Rothschild” family, Daniel, who explains to her the nefarious interworkings of “The Club of Rome,” the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, Davos World Economic Forum and the World Bank. And connections are made with the carbon cap trading mafia and the entire skullduggery within the U.S. federal government leading to the EPA’s classification of carbon dioxide as a pollutant. In her search for the truth, Penelope and Daniel met and interview all the leading climate skeptical scientists throughout the world and they attend various “The Club of Rome,” CFR, Trilateral Commission, Davos World Economic Forum and the World Bank meetings. Penelope and Daniel hatch a plan to expose the fraud and deceit known as the climate change hoax. However, a leak occurs and the carbon cap trade mafia finds out and orders a “takeout” of Penelope and Daniel. Major high tension actions scenes take place ending with Penelope and Daniel in the middle of a small commercial aviation field. Penelope is able to hotwire an unlocked airplane and she and Daniel take off for his primary home in Israel. There they manage their secret plan to expose the hoax to the American people and their elected leaders. They bring down the climate change hoax with what becomes a widely famous and sought after children’s book that was delivered by various ingenious and comical means to all elected leaders in America as well as all TV stations, magazines and newspapers.

Distribution risks

In today’s current liberal and business climate it is doubtful that a movie such as Mango could be distributed by the traditional movie distribution network. However once the children’s book is released and the political climate in Washington DC is in total disarray over the climate change issue, the Mango movie becomes topical and no longer “politically incorrect.”

Funding Vehicle

Early stage funding will be equity in ClimateCite, Inc., a new clean NV corporation previously styled EnergyCite, Corporation whose current major shareholders are Pat Boone of Beverly Hills, CA, and Tom & Emily Tamarkin of Carmichael, CA. First round private equity voting shares will be priced at $3.00 per share.

1. A film treatment is a piece of prose, typically the step between scene cards and the first draft of a screenplay for a motion picture, television program, or radio play. It is generally longer and more detailed than an outline, and it may include details of directorial style that an outline omits

2. A screenplay synopsis summarizes a screenplay for an agent, director or producer. Unlike a treatment, which is a narrative of everything that happens in a screenplay, a synopsis includes only the most important or interesting parts of the story.