Open letter to Professor Michael E. Mann

Posted on Principia Scientific on Sept. 9, 2019

Written by Tom D. Tamarkin

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Upon Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann’s latest lawsuit threat to Pastor Jonathan Lange, who honestly reported on his legal defeat versus Tim Ball, we post a public letter to Mann by a valued PSI member.

Michael E. Mann
Distinguished Professor
Director, Earth System Science Center (ESSC)

Department of Meteorology Phone: (814) 863-4075
514 Walker Building FAX: (814) 865-3663
The Pennsylvania State University email:

Dr. Michael Mann:

Recently you spoke ill of Dr. Judith Curry Bishop after her important stellar testimony before Congress and made unprofessional remarks about her publically.  I called you down for that conduct via Twitter.  In response thereto you blocked me from your Twitter account.

Pastor Jonathon Lange in Wyoming has written an outstanding article about the recent settlement of your frivolous and malicious lawsuit against Dr. Tim Ball.  We have published this piece on our Great Climate Debate website ( The article titled “Is man-made global warming Mann-made?” may be found at

I, for one, am convinced that you have fraudulently and knowingly mislead the academic, scientific, and media communities, as well as elected governmental leaders, policy makers, and the public at large.

On October 15, 2004 Richard Muller wrote an article titled “Global Warming Bombshell; A prime piece of evidence linking human activity to climate change turns out to be an artifact of poor mathematics”  as published in MIT Technology Review. The article makes reference to McIntyre and McKitrick’s work which essentially proves the fraudulent nature of your work. As of this writing I have seen no rebuttal from you to Mr. Muller and that article stands. See:

Please see my latest article which effectively proves that carbon dioxide in our atmosphere in trace gas quantities does not contribute to any statistically relevant global warming.

“Climatic Effects of Manmade Carbon Dioxide”  At:

Which begs the question we answer:  “An Atmospheric Greenhouse Effect Cannot Exist So What Does Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere Really Do?”  At:

And finally if not true why the climate hoax?  “Funding the Climate-Industrial Complex” At:

This openly public email to you will be placed in the letters section of our website.  To the extent you write a response we will publish that as well.

Thank you for your attention.

Kind regards,

Tom D. Tamarkin