Record cold and snow expected in Northern Hemisphere

Record cold and snow expected in Northern Hemisphere

NWO Report Oct. 17, 2021

Source: Free West Media

Meteorologists are warning of an extremely cold and snowy winter. The amount of snow in the northern hemisphere is already hundreds of gigatons larger than normal for the season and the South Pole has measured the coldest winter ever since measurements began there. This is astonishing climate news that the system media has chosen to completely ignore.

There are increasing indications that earthlings are facing a colder climate. The global average temperature has fallen over the past five years and the trend for precipitation in the form of snow is rising. The energy crisis that has hit Europe and large parts of the world hard, risks being seriously exacerbated with an unusually cold winter.

Phobos, one of Russia’s leading meteorological institutes, on October 4, warned that extreme weather with cold and large amounts of snow will hit the northern hemisphere this winter. Meteorologists predict severe weather conditions in Russia, especially in early January. Several places are said to be at risk of being hit very hard and the capital Moscow has been singled out. Significantly larger amounts of snow are expected there than normal and even worse, the Russian meteorologists believe that it will be in Siberia, where their forecast indicates twice as much snow against already large amounts of normal. It bodes ill, as transcontinental Russia last year witnessed its coldest winter and spring ever.

Several of Europe’s ski resorts in the Alps have already reported decimeter-deep snow. Stelvio is one of eight glacier areas in Austria, Italy and Switzerland that have already opened their slopes for the ski season and four others will open the weekend of October 9-10, along with the first two in Finland, Levi and Ruka.

Snow in the Alps and at high altitudes is not in itself strange at this time, but what differs is that the snow line is already below 1000 meters and that the snowfall this year follows a pattern that is recognizable from the beginning of historically very cold winters in Europe. For example, the Balkans already have minus degrees at night and the temperatures there are not less than 16 degrees Celsius below the normal temperature, which is extremely high in these contexts.

There has been a clear trend that foreshadowed the cooler climate that is now beginning to make itself felt in earnest.

Increasingly cold climate over the past five years

Even now, the total snow mass in the northern hemisphere is well above normal. According to data from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, this is a total of almost 200 gigatons above the average for the years 1982-2012 (GlobSnow SWE v1.3), mountain regions not included. Others estimate the snow surplus at 250 gigatons. Earlier this year, during February-March, the total snow mass of 400-500 gigatons was above the same average, which is far above the normal (min-max) range.

No system media in any country mentioned this historical and sensational fact in a single headline. In addition, the global average temperature has fallen since 2016.

Alarmist British Carbon Brief, which describes itself as ‘a British-based website specializing in the science and politics of climate change’. They have won the establishment’s awards for “investigative journalism and data visualization”. As so often with climate alarmists who point out that the earth is warming and that it is humanity’s fault, not the sun, it is done with a dramatic framing of more or less distorted data. Screenshot: CarbonBrief

Climate alarmists claim that climate change, which more and more independent researchers believe is happening because the sun entered the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) at the end of 2019, is instead due to man-made carbon dioxide emissions that must be stopped at all costs except in China. China built more than three times more new coal power capacity than all other countries in the world combined, equal to “more than one large coal plant per week,” according to the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air in Finland.

Instead of a global cooling, according to the megaphones of the globalists, we are facing an existence-threatening global warming. They believe that carbon dioxide, the oxygen in plants that provide greenery and food for animals and humans, as well as sun and heat are a deadly threat – to the extent that they are prepared to not only reshape our entire world to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but even spray chemicals in the atmosphere and launch other projects try to reflect or even block the sun.

Until recently, climate alarmists have repeatedly warned that global temperatures would rise or that the North Pole would be ice-free until a certain year, and have even claimed that snow was a thing of the past. An example is the globalist Al Gore, who in 2008 warned that “the entire ice cover at the North Pole may be completely gone in five years”, that is… 2013. In 2009, he warned again that supercomputers had calculated that “there was a 75 percent chance that the entire The North Pole, during some of the summer months, may be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years ”, or later than 2016.

He added that “only ruthless fools could ignore” his warnings. But because of global cooling, climate alarmists now claim instead that a temperature drop for five years is such a short time that it can not be counted in a longer trend that they believe shows that they are still right. The problem is that in the longer term, they are even more wrong.

More and more snow since 1980

Climate alarmists also methodically avoid all data that goes against their alleged planet-threatening global warming. One such example is global snowfall statistics and satellite imagery reported by NASA, the US space agency, since 1980. An experienced Wall Street data analyst who creates graphs based on raw data analyzed NASA’s own figures and found a clear trend which showed that precipitation in the form of snow has not decreased, but clearly increased during the last four decades (see diagram).

This chart shows the last 5, 10, 20, and 30 years of annual global temperature evolution from two satellite-based temperature estimates (UAH MSU and RSS MSU). The last month included is January 2021. The trend is clear, the climate is getting colder and most indications are that this winter will be even colder than in recent years. System-controlled organizations are desperately trying to pick selected parts to mislead the public, but all five data presentations that they themselves use show the same thing for the last five-year period. Sources: UAH MSU & RSS MSU, Chart

Zoe Phin is a data analyst and economist on Wall Street who has over ten years of experience in reading raw data and creating charts based on it. She wondered why there were no clear diagrams of global snowfall in recent decades and then created one based on NASA’s own data. To her surprise, she was able to see a clear upward trend over the 40 years since 1980 that NASA measured the snowfall and which she has now compiled. Source. NASA, Diagram: Zoe Phin

Coldest winter at the South Pole… ever

The mainstream media like to focus on Greenland and the North Pole, as the ice cover there more visibly expands and shrinks with the seasons. It provides plenty of opportunities to report on “shrinking ice”. But if you are genuinely worried that the oceans will rise and drown islands and coastal cities like New York, the focus should actually be on the South Pole.

There is 90 percent of all the earth’s total ice cover and as much as 70 percent of the planet’s freshwater. Establishment media, however, are content to report when giant ice blocks break off the edges of the Antarctic ice and fall into the sea. Although it happens every year and at all times, something that is rarely mentioned, it is presented as ominous and even as evidence of their alleged global warming. The disinformation is often accompanied by dramatic film sequences and explanations of how gigantic the iceberg is. But what is really going on with the temperature and the ice there?

It turns out that the ice cover in Antarctica was the fifth largest ever in August. And much more importantly, in the last six months, April to September, were the coldest ever at the South Pole with an average temperature of -61.1 degrees Celsius. April to September are the winter months in the southern hemisphere, largely dark and at the South Pole several months were completely sunless.

The South Pole this year had its coldest winter ever. The average temperature during the period April to September ended up at a record low -61.1 degrees Celsius. The lowest since measurements began in 1957. Photo: Twitter @ udefense1

The record was recently confirmed by none other than the climatological journalist Stefano di Battista, who has been watching and publishing research on Antarctic temperatures for many years. Battista also tweeted on October 1 that the average was “-2.2 ° C below the average for the period 1981-2010 and -2.5 ° C for the period 1991-2020”. This spectacular news, which in many ways shatters the myth of global warming, has once again been completely ignored by the system media.

The new record thus beat the previous one at -60.6 degrees Celsius from 1976, during the weak solar cycle 20. Each solar cycle lasts on average just over eleven years and NASA has called the current cycle 25 “the weakest in the last 200 years”, but many scientists and others believe that it is rather the weakest in 400 years or even several thousand years.

The phenomenon is called the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) and occurs approximately 400 years apart. GSM was officially proclaimed, by NASA among others, to have been launched in December 2019. Each time GSM has fallen into history, it results in a cooler climate with more precipitation, floods, vegetation and finally mass starvation and chaos. Despite this milestone, which was crucial for humanity, the system media around the world remained completely silent. Immediately afterwards, however, came the news of an allegedly deadly new lab-made Coronavirus from Wuhan and the world has since lived entirely in the shadow of Covid.

Cold winter exacerbates energy crisis

If it is an even colder winter this year, it will further aggravate the energy crisis, which has already affected Europe and large parts of the world. In recent weeks, much of Europe has seen a rapidly growing energy crisis, with some parts of the continent already affected by a spot price increase of 250 percent on gas, on which many countries depend, not least in cities. In just over a year, futures prices for European natural gas, for delivery next month, have risen by more than 2000 percent. Natural gas prices have also skyrocketed in Asia and elsewhere. Oil and coal prices are also rising sharply.

The price increases for energy and other goods are said to be due to shortages that have arisen largely due to strange political decisions and disturbances in the global supply chain, which in turn have in many cases been caused by Covid restrictions which are essentially just political decisions.

‘A very cold winter would be catastrophic’

The world’s two most populous countries, China and India, are said to be short of coal. It has taken dramatic forms in China, among other places, which is forced to introduce electricity rationing in almost two thirds of the country’s provinces, which has hit energy-intensive industries hard. One of our sources in China confirmed that many factories in affected areas are given electricity only 3-4 days a week, ie about half, because they had often been running 24/7.

In October, India saw gas prices rise by over 60 percent in one week and in Italy the price went up 30 percent in a single weekend. The UK has already experienced panic purchases of petrol and diesel after the petrol stations there ran out of fuel and were then emptied. This has been unseen in Europe since the 1973 oil crisis.

In Europe, however, there is hope that the opening of Nord Stream 2, the controversial natural gas pipeline between Russia and Germany through the Baltic Sea, will cause gas prices to return to normal. The pipeline can supply Germany and Europe with 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year and it began to be filled on 4 October. When it will start delivering gas is unclear, but there are hopes that it can be operational as early as November.

Simon Thorne, British head of the raw materials and energy information company S&P Global Platts, recently went out and commented on the European energy crisis with the words “The Savior is likely to come in a milder winter. That would make a difference. But a very cold winter would be catastrophic for many – even marginally colder would be very difficult.”

These shortages may have been created and in some cases may be purely fictitious in order to “drive the globalists’ agenda forward”. If Russian meteorologists, like many others who warn of the same thing, can predict a cold winter, so can globalist actors. Should these forecasts prove correct, the damage from induced shortages and subsequent price increases will be so much greater, not least for the ordinary citizen.

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